dubai expo 2020 pavilion

Dubai Expo 2020 Pavilions [Dubai Expo 2021]

The Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion is all set to showcase projects and ideas themed primarily around sustainability, opportunity, and mobility. About 192 countries from across the world, spread across the 438-hectare Expo 2020 space, will be actively participating in the event. At the pavilion, visitors can enjoy live entertainment, interactive exhibits, workshops, dining and shopping, and meeting spaces where they can network with professionals from various domains across the globe.

What to Expect at Dubai Expo 2020 Pavilions?

dubai expo 2020 pavilion

The Dubai Expo 2020 will feature pavilions by 65 different countries. All the pavilions focus on one of the three Expo 2020 themes – Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility. Each participating country will showcase their groundbreaking projects at these pavilions. The US, UK, France, Spain, Australia, Korea, Russia and many more are involved in the Expo, with some of their most talented architects from these countries designing their country’s pavilions. 

Guests will have the exclusive chance to witness some architectural wonders, owing to the confluence of creativity, inspiration, and design at this event. Dozens of food trucks are present across the Expo, serving dishes from cuisines across the world. You can also experience the world’s first ropeless elevators at the event, allowing you to move from one side to another in addition to moving up and down! 

The Dubai Expo 2020 Pavilions to Watch Out For

While each of the 65 pavilions projects innovation and creativity, there are a few to particularly watch out for.

dubai expo pavilion - austria

The Austrian Pavilion is themed around Opportunity, and aims to unlock the limitless potential within communities and individuals to shape a better future. A number of massive truncated cones are present across the pavilion, with exhibits inside them. Visitors can enter and explore these cones and admire the light patterns created by these structures.

dubai expo pavilion - spain

The Spain Pavilion is being designed by renowned architecture firm Amann-Canovas-Maruri, and is in the form of cones. Themed around sustainability, the entire pavilion is entirely constructed using recyclable materials such as iron, wood, and fabric. The exhibition area is present in the basement, and connects to each of the entertainment areas at the ground level.

dubai expo pavilion - the UK
The UK

This pavilion has been designed by renowned artist and designer Es Devlin. It highlights the UK’s strengths in the fields of space exploration and artificial intelligence. It is the shape of a conch shell, and will feature an eye-catching glowing facade. This pavilion uses artificial intelligence to generate poems that will be broadcast to space and also illuminated for visitors to see!

dubai expo pavilion - monaco

This pavilion is in the shape of a polygon, and aims to bring the environment of the French Riviera to life. You can enjoy sights, smells, and sounds from Monaco. The pavilion also houses a stunning kaleidoscope exhibition that brings together the culture, food, art, and history of Monaco.

dubai expo pavilion - brazil

Three well-known Brazilian firms, Ben-Avid, JPG.ARQ, and MMBB Arquitetos, have undertaken the design and construction of this pavilion. The entire structure is made of a white, lightweight fabric that doubles as a projection screen. This allows the pavilion to be used as a huge amphitheater. It is surrounded by a shallow pool of water, giving visitors the sense of being in Brazil.

dubai expo pavilion - UAE

Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, the UAE pavilion is inspired by the falcon, the country’s national bird, as it is in flight. A number of massive wings are present across the pavilion, which move up and down to generate electricity that powers the pavilion. You can explore the culture and history of the UAE, and also understand its plans for a futuristic society.

dubai expo pavilion - new zealand
New Zealand

New Zealand aims to bring the connection between humans and the natural world to life, while also delving into our responsibility to take care of Earth. The pavilion has been designed by Jasmax and will highlight the country’s innovations. It will also feature a restaurant serving gourmet New Zealand delicacies, and also a store containing some of the top design objects of the nation.

dubai expo pavilion - japan

Renowned architects Yuko Nagayama and NTT Facilities have designed the Japanese Pavilion – a stunning exterior of the traditional art of Origami. Following the ‘Join. Sync. Act’ message, the pavilion aims to use cutting-edge technology to implement vibrant ideas, with an added focus on art and culture. This is also in preparation for the Expo 2025 which will be held in Osaka. 

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